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Department of Pathology

tehostekuvaPathology is the study of disease. The Department of Pathology provides basic pathology education to medical and dental students from the end of their second year of studies and into their fourth year. Pathology is the largest clinical-theoretical field at the Haartman Institute.

Pathology is also a specialist field. Nearly ten resident specialists are in pathology training at Haartman.

As a research discipline, pathology dwells on the causes and mechanisms of disease as well as the development of new morphologic and molecular biological methods of diagnosis. The Haartman Institute's Department of Pathology is a leading contributor to oncology and neuropathology research.

The department works alongside the HUSLAB pathology laboratory in the Haartmaninkatu 3 building. HUSLAB is one of the largest diagnostic pathology laboratories in Europe. The collaborative arrangement with HUSLAB provides the Department with unique opportunities to conduct translational studies that seek to develop new diagnostic methods from basic research in pathology.