Advanced Microscopy unit

Department of Pathology

Haartman Institute, University of Helsinki

Services provided by this unit

  •     This unit provide services for advanced microscopic techniques including Electron Microscopy, Confocal microscopy, microscopic techniques based special contrast method like Differential Interference Contrast (DIC), video enhanced contrast DIC-microscopy and living cell image. The supervisor maintains all the devices in a good condition and ready to use.

  •     The supervisor provides scientific and technical consultation and advices on Electron microscopy, confocal microscopy, fluorescence microscopy, including choice of methods, project planning, tips and tricks of specimen preparation, etc.

  •     The supervisor provides scientific advice on recognition of ultra structures of cells under electron microscope. Consultation on results interpreting and evaluation of  biological meaning for common ultra structural changes is available to new EM users upon request.

  •     Provides user training for new users of Electron microscope and confocal microscope.

  •     Provides guidance on how to use VEC-DIC techniques for  living cell imaging and image analysis software package.

  •     Some special specimen preparation techniques like critical drying, freeze drying, high resolution carbon or metal coating for TEM or SEM can also be carried in this unit under help of the supervisor.

  •     In the begining of 2013, TEM sample preparation lab was transferred to HUSLAB of university hospital. Routine tissue embedding, ultra thin sectioning, frozen sectioning, staining, and prices are all subject to HUSLAB regulation. User should contact HUSLAB (see price section of this site for details)

  •     Darkroom technical service like printing or enlarging photos from EM negative film can be requested, but it is rarely used now, as all the TEM are now equipped with digital camera.

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