Advanced Microscopy unit

Department of Pathology

Haartman Institute, University of Helsinki

Facilities in AMU

Electron Microscopy:    

JEOL 1400 Transmission Electron Microscope

Location: Room DK 139, Haartman Institute

Accelerate Voltage
     40-120 KV

     0.38 nm (point)
     0.2 nm   (lattice)

     50 x - 1.2 million x

Digital Camera
     Olympus-SIS Morada
     36 x 24 mm CCD
     11 Mega pixels, pixel size: 9 m
     Cooling: Peltier plus water

Film Camera

      full motorized: x, y and z and tilt-x.

Tilting range
     + - 70 degree with high tilting holder
     High tilting holder: equipped


JEOL 1200 EX Transmission electron microscope

Location: Room EK 247, Haartman Institute

Acceleration Voltage
    40-120 KV

nm (point)
nm (lattice)

   50 x -300 000 x

Digital Camera
     Olympus-SIS MegaView G2
     1,4 Mega pixels
     Pixel size: 6.45 m
      Effective pixel size:

Film Camera

Stage: manual
Tilting range: + - 60 degree, tilt-x motorized.





Gun and filament:
Tungsten filament

Accelerate voltage 0.2-30 KV

    3.5 nm HiVac, 15 nm Low Vac

  6-1.200.000 x

   SED and GSED

Stage: motorized

Tilting range: -15-75


FEI XL-30 ESEM (Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope)

Location: Room EK 247, Haartman Institute



Auxiliary facilities for electron microcopy

Location: Room EK 247, Haartman Institute

Balzer MED 020 multiple function, modular coating device

For high resolution coating of EM specimen and grids supporting film.
When different modules (chambers and top flanges) are used like showing below, it can be used as different function.

Carbon Coating: thread and E-gun rod coating.
Sputtering coating: Gold, Platinum, Tungsten, Chromium
E-gun metal coating: Platinum, Tungsten, Titanium, Chromium
       Rotary shadowing
       Freeze drying
       Glow discharge

Leica EM CDP 030 critical point drier for specimen preparation of both TEM and SEM.


Freeze Fracture device Balzers BAF 400 D for making freeze fracture and simultaneously surface coating with metal, carbon or both.


specimen preparation Lab

Location: Room DK 138, Haartman Institute

For tissue embedding, ultra thin sectioning, staining, etc., a specimen preparation lab is available. Equipped with following devices:


Reichert-Jung ultra microtome for routing ultra thin section

Reichert-Jung ultra microtome with cryo-box for frozen untra-thin sectioning


Leica EMStain for automatic thin section staining


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